About Your Humble Author

Originally hailing from a small college town in an unassuming Midwestern suburb, your humble author attended the aforementioned small college before heading off to work in the nation’s capital for two years. He then obtained his commission in the United States Navy. He is now off traveling the world by sea, writing reams and reams of poetry, and occasionally doing a bit of paperwork here and there to appease the powers that be.

His enemies will tell you he is ambitious, egotistical, and arrogant. His friends will tell you he is stubborn, argumentative, and reclusive. His mother will tell you he is a sweet, charming, and handsome young man. And your humble author would tell you they all have it about half-right.

If you ever come across your humble author, he begs your forgiveness ahead of time. You will likely be greeted with a healthy combination of sarcasm, presumption, and general overconfidence. Your humble author is attempting to eradicate these faults, but, as of the time of publication, he has so far been unsuccessful.


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