Tennessee River Valley

Over the next few weeks, I will be writing poetry with a friend on similar themes. This week’s theme is “Childhood” and you can find my friend’s poem here: https://thisisbeautifuldust.com/2018/04/20/letting-go/

I see before me, in morning light,
On the sides of Tennessee highways,
Cherished, long-forgotten memories–
Snatches of childhood adventure.

The trees of a never-ending forest
And the fields that lie just beyond
Blush with new-found coloring–
The greens and golds of first spring.

I see a young boy, scrambling ably up
Shadowful, tree-laced mountainsides,
Hands in dirt, grasping at bramble,
Pulling his way toward the hill peak.

From there, to look on his domain;
What is not his that he can see?
The world belonged to those like us:
The youthful boys who claimed it.

Far from society’s spoiling politics,
Simple nature displayed her customs,
Granted us wisdom from on high,
Revealed mysteries on breath of wind.

Such was stolen from me long ago
By a sinist’rly structured complexity;
Now I know it yet remains inside
To be revealed only in remembrance.