Great and Precious and Lonely

I have discovered the secret
Of being great and precious
And lonely.

They say the great and precious
Must be lonely, for they must
Be alone.

But this we had already counted
And weighed and measured and
Found wanting.

Neither greatness nor preciousness
Can exist in a vacuum; they require
Communal significance.

And the reverse cannot be true,
For not all the lonely are great
Or precious.

This claim is, of course, a worldly one;
I will not speak on Heaven’s behalf in
Such matters.

To be great, a man must overcome
Any obstacle, any man, any fear,
And himself.

The task of conquering oneself
Is the greatest test of all for even
The saints.

But greatness only derives its meaning
From recognition by another, seen only
In relationship.

And to be precious, the object must
Enjoy the privilege of possessing
A subject.

That mutual possession we call love
When it lifts us high, though it could
Do otherwise.

But to be held as precious by another is,
As it is said, the greatest thing: to love and
Be loved.

And yet only today, I feel truly great
For I have been esteemed as such by one
Who matters.

And today, I knew I was held precious
For the letter she had written and sent
Weeks ago.

Today, I was alone with my thoughts,
Without one for whom my soul longs, and
Am lonely.

So the secret of being all these together–
Of being great and precious and lonely–
Is you.