What Holds the Year?

How much the year might hold
For lives now intertwining;
How bright the sun these days–
No clouds, just silver lining.

Walks beside the river,
Sushi nights with Youji-san;
We’ll see the Springtime bloom
And hear the nightingale song.

Long days near the shoreline,
Sharing picnics in the park;
On our sun-touched bodies
Summer will have left its mark.

Trees will change their colors–
Oranges, yellows, and reds;
Sunbeams make a halo
To grace the fairest of heads.

Snow will cover city,
Crunching beneath strangers’ feet;
We will sit together
Enjoying a low fire’s heat.

For all of this we hope,
But year’s end is far away;
For now, we rest content
Knowing ‘morrow and a day.