Simpler Glories

It is quite possible our capacity for emotion
Is ever-expanding, and with each new day
We learn new methods for internalizing
The wherefores due from outward influence.

For what other reason, as I have grown older,
Could I have for the heart’s vacillations ‘tween
The joys in successes I barely dreamed of years ago
And the despoiled hopes I only now imagine in vain?

The charms of childhood were small indeed,
But contentedness was assured if we only found
Grass beneath bare feet, wild blackberries in the park,
Or a band of fireflies on promenade on a summer eve.

Do we now dream such greater things that we lose
Our ability to be filled with wonder at the elementary?
Will I one day cut short my gaze at a brilliant sky
Where the sun blazes its last daily flame over the sea?

Even as my dreams grow greater and my hopes rise,
Whether only to plummet to earth from taller heights
Or to spread newfound wings to climb ever higher,
Let me not lose a sense of awe at these simpler glories.