Maybe Love

I’ve known for a long time that love is more than romance.
It should be obvious, and maybe I’m just late to the table,
But it’s more than the connection, or the feeling one gets,
When two persons lock eyes and hearts begin to churn.
It’s so much more than mutual admiration or affection.

Perhaps I’ve known it in part at least by experience,
Or maybe those years were a mere shadow of the real,
And I have not yet begun to comprehend this truth:
You will only truly know it when you are there–
When you can say to yourself, “This. This is love.”

Could I have said that then? Now I know better, I think,
But then, I would have staked my heart on it, and did.
So is hindsight perfect in vision, or do we ignore the feelings
That take us up golden mountains and into deepest valleys
While sharing life with a girl who became to me life itself?

Is that mad, to have given so fully to one other, myself–
To one who had such power over me to slay with one look?
And yet it was so natural, like stepping from a cliff face.
That’s why we call it falling; gravity takes care of the rest.
All we have to do is let it–or is it all that we can do to let it?

Maybe that’s why the world is mad–so madly in love:
Because love itself is a form of madness in heart and head.
I would not be the first to posit such a thought, but no,
No, I don’t think love is reserved for fools and madmen.

Maybe love is taking someone out of this crazy world,
And freeing them from the turbid clouds of depression
That have followed, slowed, and choked them all their lives,
And lifting them above the fog to see the starlit skies.

Maybe love finds a way to absolve the sinner’s heavy heart,
Laden with all manner of regret, heartache, and bitterness,
Turning stone to flesh and healing our self-inflicted wounds,
Showing one another that life is full of beauty and of grace.

Maybe love is finding at last the one you care for so deeply
That you forget to work, forget to eat, forget even to breathe,
And you find that they love you, too, and your soul finds rest.
Maybe love is saving someone else, and being saved, too.