The Brink of Eternity

And she said to them, “He is not here.”
“He’s gone.”
Just like that, I guess.
A son, a brother, a friend
Who’s no longer with us.

I can’t explain the palpable emptiness.
I’ve heard the good die young,
But I didn’t believe it
Until now.
Now I wonder if there’s truth in it.

But we all stand on the ledge together:
The brink of eternity
Whose void stares up at us
In somber silence,
Asking us to ponder our places here.

This, this is the last great test of faith–
To where it all comes down.
And my friend, my brother,
He passed.
And now he’s gone from the world.

But in this death, he yet lives,
For even now, his life’s purpose
Is being accomplished.
Even now my friend is teaching me
To number my days.