A poem for Kenneth King, 1991-2016

You were one of the music-makers:
The men who painted the world in songs
With large brushstrokes and peculiar details–
Who built up cities and tore them down
With words and with the trumpet sound.

You were one of the men with many faces
Who fearlessly took the stage of this world
And grabbed the spotlight with a message
That held the world-audience captivated
By the life of the God-man you celebrated.

You were both a lover and a fighter:
Loving those who few others would,
Fighting for those without a defender.
You were, by all accounts, a righteous man;
Not unwilling to die, not afraid to take a stand.

You were one I was honored to call friend,
With whom I could always laugh and smile,
On whom I knew I could rely at any time.
Although now you are no longer with me,
I know you’re only continuing your journey.