Mad Little World

The world is only 500 feet from tip to tail.
I have walked its length many a time,
And I have climbed its highest peak daily.
This world is smaller than you know.

The world has only 300 inhabitants.
I have seen and known each one,
Each unique in his or her oddities–
But a little madness is to be expected here.

The world is too small for normalcy–
Where every interaction is magnified
By its proximity to one and another–
And no one escapes the world’s turning.

The world pitches and rolls on its axes,
Hurtling through the waves of space
Between the whitecaps and stars,
Carrying us along in its wake.

In the churning waters, I see our history,
And ahead: time’s uncharted ocean.
Wherever we’re going, we’ll get there
Riding atop of our mad little world.