Now, And Then Forever

Alone but not lonely seems like something I could do.
It’s not that I think you doubt me in this;
Perhaps I just need to explain it to myself:
From now until forever: not daunting, not easy…

I have my career, you know–that’s something.
I can occupy myself for some time with a purpose,
And if it is not enough, there is always the pipe
And time set aside for solitary rumination.

And there may be friends in my life,
Though I can’t promise myself that;
Those are things I seem to lose along the way:
A lack of effort, I suppose–no reason to keep them.

But I will always have my writing, if nothing else.
Now there is a friend who will stay by my side,
A friend to whom I may confide in all times,
One who is somehow able to return my efforts at love.

I know a friend who will read this and think,
“Doesn’t he know he has me? The others?”
Yes, I know–I know. But you aren’t here.
And I need someone here. Now, and then forever.