Petals like ice on the still river–
Marbled glass in the morning light–
Their flow halted by an unknown force
Asking time to stand fast a moment
To allow Beauty one minute more to bask
In the wealth and glory of her creation.

A coy, playful smile dances across her lips–
Light peeking through the sakura branches
To dance a shimmer across the surface;
Though later in the day, the river will stir,
For now, for just a moment in the morning,
She adorns herself with tranquility.

Defined by her uncommon delicate innocence,
She rebuffs agitation and Life’s instigations
Toward action always–away, away from rest!–
With a kind smile and a demure laugh,
Nature unveils her gentle, unwavering resolve,
Graciously allowing me to share in the wonder.