Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Three more poems on a theme. I feel that for these particular poems need a Note Bene that they are not about my life or anybody in my life. Otherwise, enjoy!

No One Lives Here Now
Ignore the knocking on my door.
The window, too, I will not open.
No one will enter anymore;
No one will see or know the broken.

My strivings endured long enough;
I’ve reached the point of ceasing.
Too hard we fight for those we love;
Too long have I ignored life’s teaching.

To fix, to mend, and to care for;
Those were the extent of ambition;
You sacrificed your heart for more
And lost it all on my decision.

No longer now, I so declare.
I’ll rest here for as long as it takes.
An empty room, an empty stare,
And time to contemplate my mistakes.

My actions, they slashed and they tore;
My words only beat, broke, and battered.
With ev’ry attempt to assure
You claim that your life had been shattered.

So I decline taking action;
I simply refuse to ply my voice.
If no end brings satisfaction,
It makes most sense to avoid the choice.

Why knock on my door at this hour?
Is it actions or words you’re seeking?
Does it matter which speaks louder
If I don’t feel like speaking?

Blah Blah Blah
First you said you loved me;
Now you can’t make up your mind.
Last week you went in for the kiss;
Today you turned your cheek.

I don’t understand what you’re telling me,
And I don’t know what you’re doing.
Actions speak louder than words,
But I can’t understand gibberish.

In Word Or Deed
If actions speak louder than words,
Then inaction is the deepest silence.
And when word and deed are contradictory
I’ll believe my eyes over my ears.

You say that you’re in love with me;
You tell me I’m the one for you;
You talk always of our future together;
But I can’t see it for the life of me.

I need you to show me this love;
I cannot hear your words in this quiet.
Maybe you think I’m not worth the effort,
And that says more to me than anything.