A Penny for Your Thoughts

My poetry-writing friend and I recently restarted our habit of sending poetry based on idioms back and forth. Here is my half of our first effort on the phrase “A penny for your thoughts”:

What Price My Thoughts
Do you expect me to sell my thoughts so cheaply?
Are my feelings worth so little to you, dear?
Would they contribute no great value to your life?
It is good I’ve little pride or you’d have hurt it deeply.

Or maybe a penny is all you have to give
Like the poor woman at the temple.
But no, you’ve enough for others–just not me.
A penny, then, and I’ll tell you my thoughts.

A Boy and a Girl
This is my lucky penny.
See it?
It’s real shiny.
That’s the year I was born!
That makes me… seven.

What’s your name?
Don’tchyou have a name?
My name’s James.
But you can call me Jimmy.
My friends call me Jimmy.

You’re real pretty.
You probly knew that, though.
People probly tell you that a lot, huh?
Well, I just wanted to tell you again.
Why’re you smilin’?

Whatchya thinkin’ about?
Aren’tchyou gonna tell me?
Please? I wanna know…
I’ll give you my penny.
It’s good luck, ya see.

I’ve been holding onto this penny
Since I found it two whole weeks ago.
It’s been right here in my pocket.
It’s real shiny.
And it’s made me real happy.

Here, take it.
Maybe it’ll make you happy.
No, really, take it!
I don’t need it anymore.
I’ve got you.

Amazing Grace
A penny for your thoughts, sir?–
You who are giving everything,
And me who only has this coin
Impoverished beggar that I am.

What is running through your mind
As you hang up there,
Bleeding and breathing,
A man dying on a tree?

Amazing it is to see grace here–
Forgiveness, too, for these the persecutors.
Surely, this is worth more than my penny
I could never afford such beauty and love.

What can I do, a man of meager means?–
Poor even to the world,
And poor also in Heaven’s eyes.
How can I purchase this Life?

But it is already purchased–
Bought with a most-precious price
And given freely to me–
With a last commendation and a final breath.