Misery Loves Company

Three new poems-on-a-theme coming your way:

Misery Is a Quiet Companion
Misery is a quiet companion.
She does not compete with other emotions–
Content to wait her turn
For a place by my side.

Neither of us say a word;
We don’t have to.
There is no eye contact either;
It isn’t necessary.

Misery knows how I feel,
And she knows what I need.
Misery loves company,
And I love misery.

Hold Me Close
You kept a seat open for me.
I fall into it with relief.

You put your arm around my shoulders.
I lean my head into the space under your chin.

Silently, I work through the thoughts in my head.
Still, you hold me and say nothing.

Involuntarily, I shudder in the cool darkness.
Instinctually, you pull me closer and warm me in your embrace.

Tears begin to well in my eyes,
But at a whisper from you, they recede.

The quiet of the room calms me;
The emptiness around us relieves my mind.

All around us there is silent space–
Even next to me where you sit.

I understand there’s no one really there–
I sit alone with Misery.

I, Misery
Misery loves company because Misery is selfish.
Misery, when it falls, will drag others down.
Misery has the face of a friend but the hands of an enemy.
Misery doesn’t care if you fail, but it hates to watch you succeed.

But I am Misery; entirely and wholly, it is me.
Given the chance, I will trip your feet and hold you back.
I long for you to fail–for success to elude you as it has me.
Do not trust my lying eyes; my embrace is selfish.

All this in search of a companion–one who understands my pain.
Misery doesn’t just love company, I need it.
I crave someone’s acknowledgement of my torment
Even as I try to fight off the Jekyll controlling me.

And when I succeed, when the torment has passed,
I find Mr. Hyde, myself, lying on the floor in a straitjacket.
Having done no harm to another, he is pleased;
But finding himself alone, he is struck by his isolation.