Laissez-moi un temps

Laissez-moi un temps, un temps indéfini,
Et à mon part, je te partirai aussi.
Tu iras, dans un mois, par-déla la mer;
Moi, j’irai aussi, mais j’irai à la guerre.

Pendant longtemps, il est assez probable
Que toi et moi ne serons pas ensemble.
Je penserai à toi, même si tu m’oublie;
Mais si tu te souviens, prie pour ton ami.

Dans plusieurs années, nous nous verrons à nouveau
Après avoir voyager par monts et par vaux.
Je vais te regarder avec un sourire
Temps, le médecin, m’a blessé pour me guérir.

This is my first foray into writing poetry in French. I admit I am quite pleased with the result, though with my lapse in practicing the language, I cannot say for certain that it is any good. However, for my own part, I like it well enough. Perhaps I will show it to someone whose skills in the language are far superior to my own and receive judgment from them on its merits.

I am pleased that this poem possesses a steady rhythm, as previously I had not attempted to include both a rhyme scheme and rhythm in the same poem because of the difficulty of managing the two at once. After this attempt, though, I should like to try it more often, being happy with the result of this first attempt.

I don’t know whom I shall show this poem to for judgment, but I hope if any French-speaking person finds their way to it, they will forgive an American who is doing the best he can.