A Spiral Staircase Leading Nowhere

Remember when I wrote poetry back and forth with a friend a week or so ago? And remember how awesome it was? We did it again! And it was just as fun. I’m hoping this will become a regular occurrence, since it gives me something to do all day, even if work is slow for a few minutes.

This time, I’m only posting my own works (so I’ll let my friend decide whether or not to post their own). It’ll also help to keep this short since the last one’s length kind of got out of control.

We decided that the phrase we used for today’s theme “a spiral staircase leading nowhere” lent itself to some cynical and depressing poetry, but I did give an effort to write one uplifting one at the end of the day. So without further introduction, here are three new poems on a theme:

Climbing the Spiral Staircase to Nowhere
Every night, I climb the spiral staircase to nowhere.
When I close my eyes, it’s always there.
For weeks, it’s tempted me to climb,
To take the steps and leave other thoughts behind.

So every night, I close my eyes
And head upward, into higher skies.
With each new step, the pleasure grows,
Though when I wake, I watch it go.

And yet, I know, the goal would not draw nigh
If I were to ascend even so high
That the air grew thin and I lost my breath
Not even to fainting or verge of death.

This “nowhere” is too far to reach
And every night serves little to teach
What uselessness there is in trying
When uselessness is pref’rable to dying.

But knowing this does not halt my climb,
And each new night, at the appointed time
I take my place at the foot of the stair
And begin again the race to nowhere.

But far from this “nowhere” being torment
I surge with joy in every ascent.
As I pass the first step, I now am free
To imagine my life as it ought to be.

In wakeful life, I dwell on the real,
But on these stairs, I see the ideal.
And even if life is as it truly seems
It does not matter in the land of dreams.

Will You Climb Again?
Too many times, you say, too many times for me.
And now you’re scared to try again.
What if you reach the top and find the end
And find that it’s led you to nowhere?

Too scared to start, too lost to stop,
You don’t even know where you’re going.
So you walk around aimless, not knowing
How you’ll ever find what you’re looking for.

It’s a depressing road to tread, you tell me,
When you’ve walked all the way to the top
Only to find that now you must stop
And descend down, down, down, down, down.

But I ask you to climb with me anyways.
Your response, a doleful: why bother?
These stairs seem to you to offer
No different beginning or end than the others.

You cannot truly know until you reach the top
And even if you fall, it’s worth the climb
Because you’re taking a risk and trying to find
What is invisible to the eyes.

Who cares if I’m on a spiral staircase leading nowhere?
The point is that I’m on the stairs, and I’m climbing
While you’ve ceased all effort and trying,
And for that, you have my pity.

The View from the Staircase to Nowhere
A spiral staircase to nowhere stands alone in the distance.
Single and solitary against the otherwise empty landscape,
It stands upright as a link between earth and cloud.
Asking, or begging, you to tempt fate.

To ascend into cloud cover where vision is blocked
To find and discover what spoils there might be
Hiding behind the misty curtain placed there
If you could only find your way to see.

Most fail in the attempt, not looking where they’re going,
They traipse right off the last stair at the the top
And fall far on down until reaching the ground
They find their momentum has stopped.

But if you time it just right–or wait if need be–
The clouds will dissipate in the light
And at the top of stairs to nowhere
You’ll never see so grand a sight.